What Winnipeggers should have in a 72 hour emergency kit

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WINNIPEG —; Winnipeg’s Emergency Preparedness Team says it’s important to have kits with you that you could grab at a moments notice.

Natural disasters aren’t new to Manitoba. Floods and fires to name a few. But, in light of recent natural disasters in Fort McMurray and locally at Caddy Lake, experts are asking locals to double check that they’re fully prepared.



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    “Every single Canadian should have an emergency kit, an emergency plan and understand the risks and hazards associated with the area they’re living in,” said the City of Winnipeg’s Acting Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Jay Shaw.

    He said each family should have a 72 hour kit made up for each person living in the household.

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    What an emergency preparedness kit should look like for one person.

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    Some of the crucial items to include are:

    Non perishable foodWaterA battery operated radioBlanketsToilet paper

    But, there’s one key thing that Shaw said should absolutely not be forgotten: your documents.

    “Basically have copies of all our pertinent information that we may need to take in a case of evacuation. Things like copies of our drivers license, passport, pertinent legal and medical information,” said Shaw.

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