Fort McMurray wildfire: Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo holds special council meeting in Edmonton

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As Fort McMurray remains under a mandatory evacuation order, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) held a special council meeting at Edmonton City Hall Wednesday afternoon.

Members of the public were invited to the council meeting, which began at 2 p.m. The public was also able to watch the council meeting online. Several Fort McMurray-area business owners were at the meeting, both to support council and observe the meeting.



  • Fort McMurray man watches via doorbell camera as firefighters try to save his home

  • RCMP say officers won’t enter Fort McMurray homes looking for guns

  • Fort McMurray SPCA spent the weekend rescuing pets—in secret

    Members of council shared hugs before taking their seats for the meeting. Council members, led by RMWB Mayor Melissa Blake, said it was their role to put together strategic steps to get everyone home and back to normal as quickly as possible. Council members said they want residents to know they will be there to support them every step of the way.

    “We hope that going through our business here today will help us begin our transition to that return to home at some point in the future,” Blake said as the meeting began.

    Wood Buffalo Fire Chief Darby Allen tweeted what has become an almost nightly video message for displaced residents Wednesday night in which he emphasized how hard everyone was working to be able to get evacuees home.

    “We all want the same thing and that’s just to get you home as soon as we can,” he said.

    Blake said the future state of the municipality needs to be as good as or better than it was before.

    Representatives from the provincial government, including Municipal Affairs Minister Danielle Larivee, were on hand for a portion of the meeting to discuss the re-entry plan.

    READ MORE: How you can apply to be part of the cleanup, rebuild efforts in Fort McMurray

    While Larivee said a plan is not in place yet, but the province anticipates it will be released in the next week-and-a-half or so.

    “The only thing worse than not knowing is having a date that’s not solid and it not coming true,” she stressed.

    “Safety remains our top priority… there is a lot of work to be done.”

    Watch below: Recovery work is now underway following a massive wildfire that triggered a state of emergency in Fort McMurray. Power and gas are slowly being restored but how long that will take is unknown. Shaye Ganam reports.

    Shane Schreiber, executive director of the Alberta Energy Management Agency, outlined the four phases of response when it comes to a disaster. He said response to the Fort McMurray wildfire is currently in Phase 2:

    Phase 1 – Get people safe, fight and control and fire, support evacuees and reduce the human impact. This phase is complete, the province said.Phase 2 – Stabilization and re-entry plan. This involves getting people home, even if it’s not to their own home. Larivee said damage assessment in the region is underway. Crews were able to re-energize the downtown core, but there is still significant work to be done when it comes to getting power, water and gas up and running.Phase 3 – Short-term recovery. This involves getting the community functioning again, getting stores up and running and restoring a sense of “new normalcy.”Phase 4 – Medium to long-term recovery. Schreiber said this phase will take a long time and the province is committed to supporting the Regional Municipality as long as needed.

    “The biggest piece is about the rebuilding of Fort McMurray and those conversations are starting today,” Larivee said.

    The province said its support also includes mental health resources, which are available at the reception centres. Alberta’s 24-hour Mental Health Help Line is available at 1-877-303-2642. Residents can also call Health Link at 811, which will connect them to all the health care resources in Alberta, including mental health services.

    READ MORE: Alberta health officials focusing on mental health assistance in wake of Fort McMurray wildfire

    The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo council decided to continue to have weekly public meetings, starting May 18.

    More than 80,000 residents in the region were forced from their homes last week due to a wildfire that, as of Tuesday night, measured 229,000 hectares in size.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire: 1 week after mass exodus of 80K people, fire grows to 229K hectares

    On Wednesday morning, Premier Rachel Notley announced pre-loaded debit cards will begin to be distributed at designated locations in Edmonton, Calgary and Lac La Biche until May 20. The province announced last week that each adult will get $1,250 and each dependent will receive $500.

    Notley said there are bound to be long lineups to pick up the debit cards and asked people who do not need immediate financial assistance to let those who do need the funds right away to go first.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire: Red Cross to give $50M, Alberta to give $100M in emergency funding

    The Red Cross announced it will provide $600 per adult and $300 per child in immediate emergency assistance for registered Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees. The money will be sent via electronic transfer within the next 24 to 48 hours. If evacuees don’t have online banking, the Red Cross said it will figure out an alternative option to get people their money.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire: ‘5 for the Fort’ run raises $8,100 for Red Cross

    As of Wednesday morning, $67 million had been donated to the Red Cross for Fort McMurray wildfire relief.

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Travis Vader faces 4 new charges including break and enter, possession of stolen property

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EDMONTON — Four new charges have been laid against Travis Vader, who was arrested in west Edmonton Tuesday night after allegedly breaching conditions of his bail.

Vader, who is on trial for two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of St. Albert couple Lyle and Marie McCann, has been charged with the following:

Break and enter and commit theftPossession of stolen property under $5,000Breach of a recognizanceBreach of a probation order

Global News learned Wednesday that Vader’s ankle monitoring bracelet led police to Sentag Trailer Manufacturing in the west end Tuesday.

It’s alleged that an attempt was made to steal copper wire from the site.

The manager of Sentag told Global News he had three reels of old scrap copper at the back of the property. He said it was worth about $600.

Edmonton police said they were called by RCMP to help with Vader’s arrest.



  • Travis Vader late again, delays Day 19 of double murder trial

  • Travis Vader trial starts 2 hours late; accused apologizes for vehicle problems

  • TIMELINE: The key events in the Travis Vader case

    READ MORE: ‘I blame it on the meth’: Travis Vader’s sister offers glimpse into his past

    On Tuesday night, RCMP received the results of a drug test done on May 5. Vader tested positive for methamphetamine.

    Police said Vader also contacted a witness sometime between March 12 and April 17. Information filed with the court said Vader contacted Don Bulmer before he testified on Monday, May 2. Both of these incidents go against the conditions of Vader’s bail.

    READ MORE: Friend of Travis Vader testifies he saw accused torch a vehicle shortly after McCanns disappeared

    It’s alleged Vader was caught stealing copper wire at the back of the Sentag Trailer Manufacturing property, seen here on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

    Kendra Slugoski, Global News

    Global News has learned Vader’s ankle monitoring bracelet led police to Sentag Trailer Manufacturing in west Edmonton.

    Kendra Slugoski, Global News

    Vader’s court appearance was put over until May 18 and he will remain in custody until then.

    Vader’s arrest comes nearly four weeks after more bail conditions were added to his release. Vader’s bail conditions were reviewed on April 15 after the 44-year-old showed up late for court for the fourth time.

    Justice Paul Belzil was called in to preside over the bail review and issued the added conditions, which include:

    Random drug testing once a week unless suspicion of a breach (urine sample)Random residence search once a week unless suspicion of a breachNo unlawful drugs in his residence

    READ MORE: Random drug testing added to Travis Vader’s bail conditions

    Over the course of the trial, which started on March 8, Vader has been late for court four times. Once he told court he slept in, twice he cited car troubles and the most recent tardiness was because someone borrowed his vehicle and didn’t return it.

    The Crown said Wednesday it was close to wrapping its case.

    With files from Kendra Slugoski, Global News.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was originally published on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. It was updated at 12:15 p.m. MT Thursday to include information about new charges against Travis Vader.

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Getting mail to Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees: Canada Post’s emergency measures

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Displaced Fort McMurray residents can pick up their Canada Child Tax Benefit and Universal Child Care Benefit cheques in Edmonton on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.

To do so, cheque recipients must provide a government-issued ID.

Evacuees going to pick up these cheques are asked to go to the main entrance of the Telus World of Science Edmonton from 12 p.m. To 8 p.m. on Friday, May 20 and Saturday May 21 and from 12 p.m. until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24. Free parking is available.



    Couple splits after Fort McMurray wildfire

    Oil workers get the OK to go back to work following Fort McMurray wildfire

  • Portrait of courage helps Fort McMurray fire relief effort

    For those evacuees who have still not received their Red Cross financial aid, it can now be picked up at any post office across Canada.

    The Fort McMurray wildfire may have disrupted life as we know it in northeastern Alberta, but it hasn’t stopped the flow of mail.

    Last week, Canada Post put emergency measures in place to help restore mail and parcel delivery to displaced residents of Fort McMurray, Anzac and Fort MacKay as soon as possible.

    Evacuees are asked to register for mail forwarding service. Canada Post said it’s important not just for ongoing mail and parcels, but it also provides a vital link with government and relief agencies going forward.

    READ MORE: Red Cross, Alberta to release emergency funding details

    By registering, Canada Post said it will be able to ship mail and parcels to a different address selected by the customer, as well as reprocess and ship existing mail and parcels. This can be done on a short-term basis or for longer periods, even if the address is temporary.

    Fort McMurray residents whose postal code starts with the following three digits are eligible: T9H, T9J and T9K.

    As well, affected Anzac residents with the postal code T0P 1J0 and Fort MacKay residents with the postal code T0P 1C0 are also eligible.

    READ MORE: Where Fort McMurray fire evacuees can get help and information

    If anyone requires urgent access to critical items, such as medications or passports, they can call 1 800-267-1177.

    If residents are looking for a secure place to send any future items they purchase online, they can also sign up for the flex delivery service for free.

    To register for the mail forwarding service, evacuees can visit any post office across the country or sign up online.

    Click here for a full list of Fort McMurray wildfire coverage.

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Kathryn Borel issues statement on Jian Ghomeshi’s courtroom apology

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Former CBC employee Kathryn Borel gave an emotional statement following Jian Ghomeshi’s courtroom apology Wednesday, after her allegations of sexual assault against the former radio host were settled by a peace bond.

Borel, a former producer of CBC Radio’s flagship program Q, said the incident allegedly occurred at the CBC’s headquarters in downtown Toronto in 2008 and that his apology is an admission of guilt even though it won’t lead to a criminal conviction.

WATCH: Crown drops sex assault charge against Jian Ghomeshi. Cindy Pom reports.


READ MORE: Jian Ghomeshi expresses ‘regret and embarrassment’ in apology read in court

“In a perfect world people who commit sexual assault would be convicted for their crimes,” she told reporters outside Toronto’s Old City Hall courthouse. “Jian Ghomeshi is guilty of having done the things that I have outlined today.”

Ghomeshi, admitted no criminal wrongdoing, but apologized Wednesday for his “thoughtless and insensitive” behaviour, saying he has spent the last 18 months reflecting on his actions and the damage they have caused.

READ MORE: Jian Ghomeshi accuser ‘saddened’ to hear he won’t face second sex assault trial

In a prior case, he was found not guilty of sexual assault charges involving three women, on four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

After signing a peace bond, the Crown withdrew the charge of sexual assault for which Ghomeshi was scheduled to stand trial for in June.

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson said in a statement that what Borel experienced should never have happened and “we sincerely apologize for what occurred.”

He said the CBC has launched new human resources training for managers and employees and launched a harassment and bullying helpline.

“We are responding to complaints with renewed discipline and rigour, and learning from the data to improve prevention and early resolution,” Thompson said.

Borel says 20 other women have come forward with similar allegations against the former broadcaster. Global News has not been able to independently verify this number.

Read Borel’s full statement below, which has been edited for punctuation and grammar:

Hi everyone, thanks for coming out and listening my name is Kathryn Borel.

In December of 2014, I pressed sexual assault charges against Jian Ghomeshi. As you know, Mr. Ghomeshi initially denied all the charges that were brought against him. But today, as you just heard, Jian Ghomeshi admitted wrongdoing and apologized to me.

It’s unfortunate, but maybe not surprising, that he chose not to say much about what exactly he was apologizing for. I’m going to provide those details for you now.

Every day, over the course of a three-year period, Mr. Ghomeshi made it clear to me that he could do what he wanted to me and my body. He made it clear that he could humiliate me repeatedly and walk away with impunity. There are at least three documented incidents of physical touching. This includes the one charge he just apologized for, when he came up behind me while I was standing near my desk, put his hands on my hips, and rammed his pelvis against my backside over and over, simulating sexual intercourse.

Throughout the time that I worked with him, he framed his actions with near daily verbal assaults and emotional manipulations. These inferences felt like threats or declarations like I deserved to have happening to me what was happening to me. It became very difficult for me to trust what I was feeling.

Up until recently, I didn’t even internalize that what he was doing to my body was sexual assault. Because when I went to the CBC for help, what I received in return was a directive that yes, he could do this, and yes, it was my job to let him. The relentless message to me, from my celebrity boss and from the national institution we worked for were that his whims were more important than my humanity or my dignity. So I came to accept this. I came to believe it was his right. But when I spoke to the police at the end of 2014, and detailed my experiences with Mr. Ghomeshi, they confirmed to me that what he did to me was, in fact, sexual assault.

And that is what Jian Ghomeshi just apologized for, the crime of sexual assault. This is a story of a man who had immense power over me and my livelihood, admitting that he chronically abused his power and violated me in ways that violate the law. Mr. Ghomeshi’s constant workplace abuse of me and my many colleagues and friends has since been corroborated by multiple sources, a CBC fifth estate documentary, and a third party investigation.

In a perfect world, people who commit sexual assault would be convicted for their crimes. Jian Ghomeshi is guilty of having done the things that I’ve outlined today. So when it was presented to me that the defence would be offering us an apology, I was prepared to forego the trial. It seemed like the clearest path to the truth. A trial would have maintained his lie, the lie that he was not guilty, and would have further subjected me to the very same pattern of abuse that I am currently trying to stop.

Jian Ghomeshi has apologized, but only to me. There are 20 other women who have come forward to the media and made serious allegations about his violent behavior. Women who have come forward to say he punched, and choked, and smothered and silenced them.

There is no way I would have come forward if it weren’t for their courage. And yet Mr. Ghomeshi hasn’t met any of their allegations head on, as he vowed to do in his Facebook post of 2014. He hasn’t taken the stand on any charge. All he’s said about his other accusers is that they’re all lying and that he’s not guilty. And remember: that’s what he said about me.

I think we all want this to be over. But it won’t be until he admits to everything he’s done. Thank you.

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Fire ban expanded in northern Sask., lifted in the south

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A provincial fire ban in northern Saskatchewan has been expanded due to extreme fire hazards. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport issued a restriction on all open fires in Lac La Ronge provincial park and Missinipe recreation site.

The latest bans are in addition to ones issued Tuesday for the northwestern forest area, including Makwa Lake, Meadow Lake and Steele Narrows provincial parks along with a number of recreational sites.



  • Dangerously dry conditions, what rainfall amounts are required

  • ‘Ocean of fire’ destroys 2,400 structures but 85% of Fort McMurray still stands

  • UPDATE: Fort McMurray wildfire not moving towards Saskatchewan

    Under the fire ban, no open fires or fireworks are permitted and any burn notification numbers are revoked.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire not moving towards Saskatchewan

    The use of self-contained portable gas heating devices and fire pits, barbecues, pressurized stoves and charcoal briquettes will be allowed at the discretion of park personnel for the duration of the ban.

    Wet and cooler weather in southern parts of the province is having the reverse effect. Fire bans that had been issued for Blackstrap, Pike Lake, Buffalo Pound, Danielson and Douglas provincial parks have now been lifted.

    The RMs of Corman Park, Vanscoy and Montrose, including Asquith, Dalmeny, Delisle, Donavon, Pike Lake and Vanscoy have also lifted its fire bans.

    Officials are asking travellers and outdoor enthusiasts to help with fire suppression efforts by respecting any road closures, carrying a fire extinguisher and avoiding any unnecessary idling.

    View this document on Scribd

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2-year-old firefighter-in-training following in Riverview father’s footsteps

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Riverview volunteer firefighter, Jared Hartley might want to up his game as he trains for the World Firefighter Combat Challenge, as his two-year-old son, Briar may soon put him to shame.

“He is probably the hardest working guy on the team. He doesn’t miss a training night,” Jared told Global News.

Briar has been following his dad around the combat training circuit since he took his first steps.

Two-year-old Briar Hartley.

Shelley Steeves/Global News

“He’s just picked it up and started following us around and started training at home with spoons and running around with dummies.”

Instead of carrying a 200 pound dummy though, Briar hauls around and “rescues” a stuffed tiger named “Randy.”

Teammate Nathan Orr says Briar runs the entire combat challenge routine like a pro.

“He’s got ‘er down and he’s teaching us a few moves too,” Orr said.

Orr and Jared are both gold medal winners on Riverview’s Firefighter Combat Challenge Team.

While other toddlers may be watching cartoons, Briar wakes up every morning to study combat challenge videos.

WATCH: This two-year-old firefighting champion is encouraging his father to up his game as he runs the Firefighting Combat Challenge training course alongside him.


Judging from how well he runs the circuit, he’s likely to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Jared has been a volunteer firefighter for more than eight years.

Jared hopes seeing little Briar run the course may brighten the days of friends of his who have been affected by the Fort McMurray wildfire.

“I have some friends who are working with the Fort McMurry fire department and some friends working in the oil sands as well and they are working hard —; it is pretty devastating what is going on,” Jared said.

He also says he hopes Briar will grow up to be a real firefighter some day.

“I hope so, I think he will he’s got it in him you can see it,” Jared said.

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Kelowna woman speaks out after hospital staff put wrong wrist band on her dad

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KELOWNA – A wrist band with the wrong name on it could have proved fatal. That’s the warning from an Okanagan woman after staff at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) mistakenly put the wrong identification band on her father.

“You would like to be able to come home and sleep like a baby knowing that he’s in the best place that he possibly could be and now I’m questioning that,” says Tracy Jacobsen.

Jacobsen’s father was rushed to the emergency room early Tuesday morning.


“I woke up to my dad crying for help. He was having difficulty breathing,” says Jacobsen.

So, she called 9-1-1. Once they arrived to hospital, Jacobsen says her dad was given some medication and blood was drawn for testing. As they waited for the doctor to arrive, she checked her dad’s identification band.

“I walked over to his right side and I looked at his bracelet and it was [the name of] a completely different man,” says Jacobsen.

When the doctor arrived, she alerted him.

However, she says the physician provided no apology or assurances that her father was not given medication intended for another patient. She says she made several inquiries to hospital staff and interior health officials, but did not hear back. Once Global News questioned the Interior Health Authority (IHA) about the incident, IHA responded, admitting the mistake.

“The wrong wrist band was put on the gentleman; however, we apologize for that and it shouldn’t have happened. We are looking into how that occurred and making changes to remedy it so it doesn’t happen in the future,” says Health Services Administrator at KGH, Andrew Hughes.

IHA confirms that no medication intended for another patient was accidentally given to Jacobsen, adding that this is a rare case.

“Five years I’ve been involved with KGH and this is the first one that has come to my attention,” says Hughes.

Meanwhile, Jacobsen and her father are trying to get over the shock, while breathing a sigh of relief that things weren’t any worse.

“If I hadn’t been there to advocate for my 82-year-old father, it could have been life or death,” says Jacobsen.

IHA says its investigation into how the wrong wristband was given to the patient is ongoing, adding changes will be made to ensure it doesn’t happen again. The authority also encourages patients and their families to report any issues.

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Vancouver millennials have lowest discretionary income in Canada: Report

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Vancouver millennials have the lowest discretionary income in Canada according to a new report from Vancity credit union.

It found a “typical” millennial couple that buys a property at an average Vancouver price will be going into debt by $2,745 per year due to not generating enough income.

Compared to millennials across Canada, ages 25 to 34, those in Vancouver have the least amount of discretionary spending.


The report looked at a Vancouver millennial household of two people who earn $72,291, which is the second-lowest rate in Canada. After putting aside money for expenses such as taxes, clothing, food, healthcare, public transportation and utilities, the report estimates about $41,609 would be left.

With ownership costs of about $44,354 annually for a property at an average cost in Vancouver and those millennial families would be in debt.

“The status quo isn’t good enough if we want this generation to be able to put down roots, possibly have a family and still enjoy a basic quality of life in Vancouver and Victoria,” said William Azaroff, Vancity’s vice-president of community investment, in a release.

Toronto has the second-most expensive housing market in Canada at $33,405 annually for a property at an average price purchased this year. It also had the next lowest discretionary spending income at $3,379 annually.

The report found while millennials in Victoria are better off than their counterparts in Vancouver, overall they still ranked third-lowest when it comes to discretionary income.

By comparison, millennial couples in Edmonton have the highest discretionary income in Canada at more than $47,000 annually.

For those in Vancouver, renting outside the city centre would help as they would have about about $27,940 annually in discretionary income for a typical one-bedroom home, or $15,183 for a three-bedroom home.

However, any couple that wants to have one child would be forced even further into debt.

If the child is in full-time paid childcare, at an average cost of $14,580 annually, that family would go into debt by $17,325 per year just to cover basic expenses, if they purchased property in Vancouver this year. By renting a three-bedroom home in the city, millennial families would save on shelter costs but will still only maintain $771 a year for spending, saving, giving or paying down debt.

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France will pay pregnant women €300 to quit smoking

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Because having a healthy baby isn’t incentive enough, French hospitals are going to pay expectant moms up to €300 to quit smoking during their pregnancy.

French health officials say that about one in five women continue to smoke during their pregnancy. Their hope is this new initiative – to be rolled out in 17 hospitals across the country – will help expectant moms butt out.

Here’s how the program will work:



  • Sleep machines may be harmful to babies’ hearing, speech: study

  • Newborn baby’s smell is as addictive as drugs or food: study

  • Peanuts for babies? Starting early may prevent allergies later on: study

    Women must be at least 18 years old and no more than 4.5 months pregnant. They also have to smoke a minimum of five cigarettes a day. They can’t use e-cigarettes or other tobacco products. They also have to be “especially motivated,” according to a news report about the initiative in French newspaper, Le Figaro.

    The program is a three-year trial. Each time a woman goes to a scheduled pregnancy checkup, she’ll meet with smoking cessation experts and midwives to make sure she isn’t lighting up. She’ll have to provide saliva or urine tests to monitor levels of nicotine in her body.

    READ MORE: Will swaddling your baby increase the risk of SIDS?

    Each time a woman tests positive for butting out, she’ll receive a voucher for at least €20. Ultimately, women who quit can earn up to €300 euros on top of saving money they would’ve spent on cigarettes.

    In France, regions such as Montpellier, Lyon, Nimes, and Saint-Etienne will be involved in the study.

    Le Figaro notes that France isn’t the first country to pay for smoking cessation programs. Switzerland, for example, gave out 1,500 francs (about C$1,985) to smokers while Scottish health officials gave pregnant women vouchers to curb smoking.

    Turns out, 23 per cent were successful when they had a financial incentive on the line.

    Maternal smoking is an issue in Canada, too. Health Canada warns that 20 to 30 per cent of expectant moms use tobacco during their pregnancy.

    READ MORE: How health officials helped 120,000 people quit smoking

    “Smoking is known to have an effect on babies before they are born. Nicotine, carbon monoxide and other chemicals in tobacco smoke are passed on to the baby through the placenta,” the federal agency says on its website.

    Maternal smoking has been tied to complications in pregnancy and even “serious adverse” effects on the baby, including low birth weight, risk of stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, premature births and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

    [email protected]老域名出售
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Cruise ship carrying people sick with suspected norovirus arrives in Halifax

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Dozens of passengers wandered off a British cruise ship in Halifax on Wednesday, weary from a virulent gastrointestinal illness that sickened hundreds of people on board and kept some in their cabins for days.

The group of mostly elderly British passengers disembarked the Balmoral at a waterfront port facility, as staff wiped down handrails and screens with sanitizer to try to prevent the spread of the suspected norovirus.


READ MORE: Most cruise ship passengers, crew with suspected Norovirus are recovered: company

Jean Butcher from Harrow, England, said she was asked by crew to remain in her cabin after getting ill twice. She said it wasn’t clear it if was norovirus or something she ate, but had to stay in her cabin for three days.

“Being confined is not nice, but it’s best to keep away and make sure nobody else gets sick,” she said after meeting her sister at the port reception area that had containers of sanitizing wipes and cleaners on hand.

Her travelling companion, Marj Robinson, said she also had stomach upset, but did not experience vomiting or diarrhea – the typical symptoms of the highly contagious virus.

She said the outbreak, which started soon after they boarded in England on April 16, cast a slight pall on the cruise that went from Southamptom to the Caribbean, along the eastern seaboard and onto New Brunswick.

“It’s been a very quiet cruise, there’s nobody much about at night,” she said.

“I think the whole atmosphere has not been cruise like. I think it’s put a little bit of a shadow over what should be a nice experience.”

Molly Kehoe, a spokeswoman with Health Canada, said there was only one passenger who remained under medical supervision as of Wednesday. She said people who are ill are not allowed to disembark without being cleared by the medical staff on board.

277 of 915 passengers reported being ill

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in the United States said Monday that 277 of 915 passengers on the Balmoral had reported being ill. It said nine of the 520 crew members had indicated they had a gastrointestinal illness.

Rachael Jackson, a spokeswoman with the ship’s owner Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said nearly all the 1,434 passengers and crew have recovered.

“There is currently only one guest and no crew members required to remain in their cabins, and we have had no reported sickness in the last 36 hours,” Jackson said in an e-mail Wednesday afternoon.

Jackson said officials increased cleaning and disinfection procedures, began collecting stool samples for testing and sent a public health and sanitation manager to oversee the outbreak response.

Lane Farguson of the Halifax Port Authority said staff would do extra cleaning of the port buildings, paying special attention to surfaces and objects that most people routinely touch.

“We’re making sure we have increased cleaning going on at our facilities and certainly encouraging everyone to pay extra attention to handwashing today,” he said as the 218-metre long ship pulled into port.

“This isn’t completely unusual…Typically, we’ll see one or two cases like this over the course of a year.”

Many passengers coming off the ship downplayed the effects of the outbreak, with one man who didn’t want his name used saying, “it’s just a little virus and it’s been cleared up.”

Linda and David Aldred of Hatfield, England, said two of their six dinner companions had been hit by the illness but that the bug hadn’t disrupted their trip that much, other than hearing steady reminders from crew to wash their hands and being urged to use sanitizer whenever they entered a restaurant.

She said a scheduled visit to Bermuda had also been cancelled.

“It was a ship of disappointment after that,” she said. “But I can’t fault the ship, they’re doing as much as they can.”

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