Number of $100K earners at City of Regina jumps to 700

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REGINA – The public salary disclosure of municipal workers shows a former city manager was the top earner in 2015.

The 2015 financial documents have been submitted to the city’s Finance and Administration Committee and show that Glen Davies, who served as city manager from 2006 until Nov. 1, 2015, was paid $248,081.


Davies was also given $438,921 as “other” remuneration, making his final pay $717,002. According to the report, “other remuneration” may include sick credits, vacation credits, allowances, membership fees of $1,000 or greater and/or amounts paid to an employee upon termination.

In 2012, Davies was paid $301,124 with $16, 501 as “other,” which calculates to a 126 per cent increase between then and the time he retired.

At the Finance and Administration Committee meeting on Tuesday, the city confirmed the payout included in the “other” category was part of Davies’ contract, and a similar pay structure is not part of the new city manager’s contract.

Other notable earners include Brent Schmidt, a superintendent with the Regina Police and Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager and chief operating officer. Schmidt’s earnings were $201,562 plus $79,972 for “other,” making a total of $281,534. Sjoberg made $254,707 and $21,264 in “other.”

Schmidt also saw an increase in just regular pay, going from $159,621 in 2012 to $201,562 in 2015, a 26 per cent increase.

Regina Police Chief Troy Hagen earned a total of $256,284, with $256,530 as a regular remuneration and $8,754 as “other.”

Hagen’s regular pay went up by 18 per cent over four years from $217,192 in 2012 to $256,520 in 2015.

Neither Schmidt nor Hagen received “other” payment in 2012.

By comparison, general inflation from 2012 to 2015 was 3.8 per cent.

As for Mayor Micheal Fougere, his base salary was $111, 275 in 2015, up four per cent from 2013, when he served his first full year.

The number of $100,000 earners at the City of Regina has grown by nearly 20 per cent since 2014. A total of 700 people earned six-figure incomes in 2015. That compares to 584 a year earlier, 523 in 2013 and 533 in 2012.

However, in previous years, the Regina Public Library salaries were not included in the public accounts available on the city’s website. In 2015, six library employees made over $100,000.

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