New $200 million development pitched for Halifax waterfront

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A new, district-style development could soon be fitting in to Halifax’s downtown.

The Armour group says the development will feature residential, commercial and hotel accommodations – intended to give people a place to work, live, explore and more.

Scott McCrae, the CEO of Armour Limited says the 450,000 square foot Queen’s Marque District will be located on Lower Water Street at George Street. It will include 75,000 square feet of public space.

The hotel will be a luxury class boutique hotel, with rental residences overlooking the harbour. The second floor with have beverage, retail and cultural offering.

It’s also planned to have parking for 300 vehicles.

Energy efficient, using Nova Scotia materiels

The district is designed to use solar heating and the heating and cooling systems will use chilled beam and heat pump technology with water being drawn from the harbour.

The design includes three buildings, an harbour light art installation and will use Nova Scotia materials including copper, sandstone and granite.

A mock up of the Queen’s Marque development proposed for the Halifax waterfront.

Armour Group


“The idea of Queen’s Marque is to form an expression of our authentic selves in a modern way,” McCrae said.

Mayor Mike Savage says that Queen’s Marque is “a uniquely Halifax project that will help define this city for those that already call it home and for those of us that have not even heard of us yet.”

“Everything we do in Halifax helps —; library helps, the convention center helps, things like this help and the other development in the downtown core helps. This is a major new iconic development that people will see from land, from sea and from sky, it’s cool,” Savage said.

According to McCrae, preliminary numbers on things like tax base and employment opportunities will be released when Armour presents the plans to the review committee on Thursday.

Armour hopes to have the development completed by 2019.

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