Manitoba wildfire closes down popular hiking trail

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It’s a popular and rugged hiking trail that crosses through the Manitoba and Ontario wilderness, extending more than 60 kilometres.

The Mantario Hiking Trail, located in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, has been temporarily closed off to trekkers due to wildfires that continue to threaten the area.

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Fire tore through the southern part of the trail last week, ripping through trees and vegetation.

Wildfire that sparked on Mantario trail Thursday.

Cameron Kovachik/Facebook

Aftermath of wildfire on the trail Friday.

Cameron Kovachik/Facebook

The wildfire ripped through parts of the trail, completely destroying the vegetation.

Cameron Kovachik/Facebook

additional aftermath from the Mantario fire

Cameron Kovachik/Facebook

Four Winnipeggers started hiking the trail Thursday, only to come across a wildfire across the lake from their campsite.

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One of the hikers, Cameron Kovachik, 22, said the day after the wildfire broke out, there wasn’t any moss or lichen left on parts of the southern trail.

“The trees that were still standing didn’t have any leaves on them,” he said.

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The majority of the trail is marked by square signs displaying a white arrow on a blue background. Many of the signs are on trees and without them, it’s more difficult for hikers to stay on the trail.

“Many of the open granite areas look very similar after a few hours of walking and it is surprisingly easy to lose the trail or get turned around,” reads a statement on a Mantario Hiking Trail website.

Some people have taken to the Facebook group, Mantario Trail to volunteer to help put up the signs once it’s safe to head back on the trail.

Other hikers have had to reschedule their hike for another day.

According to Manitoba Conservation the trail will not open until it’s safe. Once it does, the Mantario Trail Association will be in charge of remarking the trail.

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