Elbow River water levels to rise Tuesday due to City of Calgary exercise

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Sections of the Elbow River will be flooded on Tuesday as part of a controlled release of water by the City of Calgary.

The so-called “high-flow event” is being held as part of seasonal operations of the Glenmore Reservoir, to prepare it for the upcoming high-flow season.

“Typically it is May 15 to July 15 where the flood risk is greatest within Calgary,” said Frank Frigo, senior planning engineer, Water Services Agency. “That risk is driven primarily by widespread, heavy rainfall.”

The exercise will result in a high streamflow advisory being placed on the lower Elbow River.

As a result, the city is asking Calgarians to avoid the river and area pathways.

“We’re taking the opportunity, while this activity is occurring, to take measurements which we’ll then use to form and refine our emergency response plans for potential flood situations later in the season,” Frigo added.

In June 2013, many communities in southern Alberta were badly damaged by widespread flooding which caused millions of dollars in damage and forced thousands from their homes.

According to the City of Calgary, it’s expected river levels will return to normal by late Tuesday afternoon.

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The Elbow River on Tuesday, May 10, 2016.

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