Donald Trump more popular than hemorrhoids, but not Nickelback: poll

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U.S. popularity polls have generally pitted Donald Trump against his political rivals, but a new survey has put the likability of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to a different test.

Public Policy Polling found the outspoken billionaire is more favorable than cockroaches and hemorrhoids, but the registered voters surveyed would much rather listen to Canadian rockers Nickelback — a.k.a. “the world’s most-hated band” — than support the Donald.

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Yes, 39 per cent of the 1,222 registered voters surveyed had a higher opinion of the Chad Kroger-led band than the likely Republican candidate in this fall’s election. Trump had just 35 per cent favorability compared to the group behind songs like “How You Remind Me” and “Hero”.

But a four-point deficit behind Nickelback is nothing compared to the number of people who had higher opinions of generally-reviled things such as hipsters, traffic jams, root canals and jury duty.

It might come as surprise that the biggest difference in favorability came from something truly skin-crawling — lice.

Fifty-four per cent of respondents had a more favorable view of lice — a 26-point difference from the 28 per cent of respondents who thought Trump was more likable than the tiny insects that infest the hair of millions of children every year.

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But Trump’s favourability did come out ahead of a case of hemorrhoids (45 per cent like the former reality star more than rectal ailment, while 39 per cent said they preferred the pain in the butt to him) and he came out ahead of cockroaches (46 per cent liked him more than the insects, while 42 per cent were bigger fans of roaches than Trump).

In a more relevant match-up, the polling company found Trump trailed the popularity of Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, with 42 per cent of respondents preferring the former secretary of state compared to 38 per cent preferring the controversial Republican.

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Although Public Policy Polling president Dean Debnam said Clinton is favoured to win the November election, her Democratic adversary Bernie Sanders fared better in a match-up with Trump, with 47 per cent favouring the Vermont senator compared to 37 per cent of respondents who favour the real estate magnate.

Public Policy Polling said it surveyed 1,222 registered voters from May 6 to 9, and its results had a margin of error of +/-3.2 per cent.

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