Domino’s employees save loyal customer’s life after he misses regular order

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A Salem, Ore., man will surely be leaving a big tip the next time he orders take-out, after employees from his neighbourhood Domino’s Pizza came to his aid while he suffered a medical emergency.

Kirk Alexander orders a pizza from the chain in Salem several times a week. So, when the store hadn’t heard from him in more than a week, it began to raise some red flags.



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    “He always orders online and so it pretty much just comes up on our main line,” Sarah Fuller, the store manager, told KPTV. “A couple different people had pointed it out to me.”

    Fuller decided to check the records to see just how long it had been since his last order.

    “Saturday night was when I finally decided to look up when his last order happened to be and it was 11 days ago, which is not normal at all,” said Fuller.

    Concerned, Fuller sent a delivery driver to Alexander’s home to check on him.

    The driver failed to get an answer when he knocked on the door, but knew something was wrong.

    “He called us back and said he heard the TV, but he didn’t have an answer,” said Jenny Sieber, an employee at the Domino’s location. “So we gave him his phone number and he tried to call.”

    Still no answer.

    The Domino’s staff called 911 and when emergency personal arrived they heard 48-year-old Alexander inside yelling for help.

    The first responders forced their way into the home to discover Alexander on the floor after suffering a stroke.

    It’s unclear how long Alexander had been suffering from the medical emergency.

    “I banged on the door but he doesn’t always answer,” said neighbour Robert Lalonde who often checks up on Alexander.

    Lalonde is grateful someone else showed concern for Alexander and found him before it was too late.

    “That’s awesome. That is awesome,” said Lalonde. “You know most people, just take it for granted, and that’s really cool.”

    Fuller said the heroic actions of her employees were just a sign of great customer service.

    “We’re always looking out for everyone out there and caring for our customers especially,” she said.

    Alexander was taken to a local hospital where he was said to be in stable condition.

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