‘Didn’t know if it was a fly or beetle’: Red Deer family claims bug found on Walmart steak

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A Red Deer family is looking for answers after allegedly finding a bug on a steak purchased at a local Walmart.

Dylan Webber bought the sirloin tip steak at the Walmart in Parkland Mall on Friday, April 29.

However, when Webber removed the packaging a couple of days later he discovered something that didn’t belong on the steak.

“There was some black bug, (I) didn’t know if it was a fly or a beetle, or some unknown,” Webber explained.

Webber said he was “grossed out,” as was roommate Lisa-Marie Hansen.



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    “Who knows where it’s from or what it could be contaminated with,” Hansen said. “It’s scary.”

    Her mother, Vickie Hansen, immediately called the Walmart where the steak was purchased. However, Vickie claims the person she spoke with suggested the family keep quiet about the discovery.

    “Her words exactly were ‘bring your meat back, we will reimburse your meat product [and] the cost – and just keep that to yourself,’” Vickie explained.

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    A Walmart Canada spokesman said the company takes the situation “very seriously.”

    “The safety of our customers is our top priority,” added Alex Roberton, Senior Director, Corporate Affairs, Walmart Canada.

    Roberton said Walmart will investigate the matter if the family files a customer complaint and provides more information.

    To date, the Hansen family hasn’t filed an official complaint.

    A member of the family said their reason for bringing this matter to light is concerns for food safety.

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