Canadians choose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, survey suggests

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Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton is popular outside the United States, according to a new survey, but there is one country where she trails fellow contender Bernie Sanders: Canada.


The survey from Finder老域名购买, a consumer comparison website, found that of 18,000 people polled in nine countries, Clinton would receive the most votes of all candidates: Germany (50 per cent), France (53 per cent), Japan (63 per cent), Australia (43 per cent), UK (40 per cent), Spain (44 per cent), Mexico (54 per cent), and Brazil (39 per cent).

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While the findings suggest Clinton’s global appeal, Sanders’ ideas of democratic socialism resonate strongly with Canadians.

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The Great White North was the only country where a candidate other than Clinton came out ahead, albeit by a slim margin – just two percentage points.

Based on a sample size of 2,005 Canadians, 31 per cent of respondents chose Sanders, 29 per cent said Clinton, and 14 per cent said Trump. Ted Cruz, who has suspended his campaign, received four per cent while 22 per cent of respondents chose “other.”

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The survey, conducted using Google Consumer Surveys and Survey Monkey from April 21 to April 27, also found suburban Canadians were most likely to pick Bernie Sanders (51 per cent) than urban Canadians (29 per cent).

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The global sample size was 18,256 respondents and questions were asked in the native language in each country.

Despite the results, Sanders faces a narrow path to the Democratic nomination as Tuesday’s primary in West Virginia gets underway. He would need to win the vast majority of the delegates in the remaining primaries to take the nomination.

According to the Associated Press, he has 1,454 delegates to Clinton’s 2,228 delegates. The total number of delegates needed to win is 2,383.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side there is one candidate in the race: the presumptive nominee, Donald Trump. Voters in Nebraska and West Virginia will provide the first indication of whether the GOP can unite behind the controversial candidate.

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