Canada, U.S. begin working group to solve no-fly list errors: Goodale

Federal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Canada and the U.S. have established a working group to help resolve problems related to no-fly lists.

Goodale said Tuesday the bilateral Redress Working Group provides a means for government officials to communicate and will help ensure availability of the most accurate information.

The current Canadian system “piggybacks” onto the systems from airlines whereas the American system is operated by the U.S. government.

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“The American system is a standalone system run by the government and the database is entirely interactive and in that way, the American authorities are able to deliver those redress solutions very quickly,” he told Global News.

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Goodale said experts told him an entirely new system will have to be built so the Liberal government is looking for both short- and long-term solutions.

“We are looking at the practical ways where we can find solutions in the short-term for the false positives that are popping up and then redesign the whole thing for the longer term which will mean an entirely new database and information system and that takes some time,” he explained.

Canada and the U.S. had previously agreed to set up the body within 60 days during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to the White House in March.

“We took advantage of that opportunity to establish a redress working group between both countries to draw this together as effectively as we can to eliminate this problem,” Goodale said.

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Global News has reported on several cases of young Canadians, including a six-year-old, who faced long airport delays after their names were flagged on aviation security lists.

“There are no 6-year-olds on the no-fly list,” Goodale said. “Unfortunately, there are adult culprits who have very similar or the same names, and they are on the list.

“It’s the confusion between the two that’s causing the problem.”

Storm chaser Reed Timmer captures stunning 360-degree video of tornado

Renowned storm chaser Reed Timmer is no stranger to facing down the swirling winds of tornadoes ripping through the fields and towns of the so-called tornado alley.

But one of his latest videos lets followers take a spin around the storm cell, using 360-degree video.

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With a 360-degree camera mounted on his vehicle, Timmer and his crew captured jaw-dropping footage of the twister, allowing viewers to toggle the screen and view the storm from ground to sky and peer into the heart of the storm as he speeds towards it.

(Use your mouse to move the video viewer on a desktop or tilt your phone to see the 360-degree view)

Timmer, on his 桑拿会所 account, said it was the “most insane video of [a] tornado” he had ever shot.

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    The tornado outside of Wray was one of four twisters to touch down in Colorado’s Yuma County Saturday.

    Fortunately only four people were reported injured in the stormy weather and there were no reports of damage.

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    Since Saturday, the same system of storms has spawned a series of tornadoes in the U.S. Midwest and Great Plains — including a particularly destructive one that killed two people and destroyed several homes in Oklahoma late Monday afternoon. According to the Storm Prediction Center, 23 tornadoes touched down in five states Monday.

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    ‘Largest tornado I’ve ever seen’: Powerful twister strikes Oklahoma


    ‘Largest tornado I’ve ever seen’: Powerful twister strikes Oklahoma


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Raw video: tornado touches down in Oklahoma

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