Teenage girl charged in recruitment of Toronto high school student into sex trade

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A 17-year-old girl has been charged in connection with a human trafficking investigation that police say led to a 16-year-old Catholic high school student being recruited into prostitution.

Toronto police launched an investigation on April 12 after investigators said the 16-year-old St. Joseph’s College student was recruited by the older teenager, a former student of the same school, and introduced to two men in March 2015.

Police said the two men befriended the younger teenager and told her she could make a lot of money working for them.


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The 16-year-old girl was then “controlled through intimidation and threats” and police said she was forced to work the sex trade for the two men.

Investigators said the 17-year-old took photos of the younger in various states of undress and posted them on backpage老域名购买, an escort website, advertising sexual services.

The 16-year-old girl was then taken by the men to various hotels in Toronto, forced to have sex with clients and handed over all of the money to the two men, who police said also sexually assaulted the girl.

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Police arrested the 17-year-old girl, who cannot be identified under the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, and charged her with procuring a person under 18 years of age, advertising another person’s sexual services, possession of child pornography, making child pornography and distributing child pornography.

The two men had previously been arrested and charged in the investigation, but investigators believe there may be more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7474, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at 老域名购买按摩论坛老域名购买222tips老域名购买, text TOR and your message to CRIMES (274637), or leave a tip on Facebook.

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Alberta home insurance premiums could rise following Fort McMurray fire: analyst

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Albertans and people living in wildfire-prone areas could see an increase in their insurance bills following the wildfire in Fort McMurray, according to one analyst.

“I think it’s safe to assume that the fire will become the largest insured loss in Canadian history,” said Jason Thistlethwaite, director of the Climate Change Adaptation Project at the University of Waterloo.



  • ‘Ocean of fire’ destroys 2,400 structures but 85% of Fort McMurray still stands

  • Fort McMurray wildfire: Homeowners to face difficult choice of whether to rebuild

  • Fort McMurray wildfire: Insurance companies begin preparing for fire claims

    A 2011 fire in Slave Lake, Alberta, destroyed 374 properties and damaged another 32, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website. Insured damage from that fire amounted to more than $700 million.

    In Fort McMurray, more than 2,400 structures were burned, according to the most recent damage assessment.

    READ MORE: ‘Ocean of fire’ destroys 2,400 structures but 85% of Fort McMurray still stands

    While it’s hard to estimate damages until insurers can survey the area, a BMO Capital Markets analysis last week estimated losses between $2.6 billion and $9 billion.

    Almost all home insurance policies cover wildfire damage. So homeowners can expect to receive a cheque for the cost of rebuilding their home, as well as some coverage for things like living expenses while forced to flee their homes and food lost in a refrigerator or smoke damage to carpets. The size of the payout is calculated based on factors including the type of damage, value of goods in the house and the type of policy purchased.

    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire: Homeowners to face difficult choice of whether to rebuild

    However, getting the money might take a while. People in Slave Lake had to wait anywhere from eight months to over two years for their homes to be rebuilt, said Bill Adams, vice-president for the western and pacific region for the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

    Insurance companies could pass along payout costs to their other customers, said Thistlethwaite.

    “Insurance is a business and when the industry suffers a significant loss, it tries to recoup those losses. The insurance industry recoups those losses by assessing for risk,” he said.

    “Everyone in Canada contributes to property insurance, so we’re all contributing to offset some of the losses associated with the damage in Fort McMurray.”

    Norma Nielson, a business professor at the University of Calgary, likens it to a pebble thrown into in a pond. “The way this works is the costs will spread out, literally around the world.

    “A little like the ripple in a pond, you might see a bigger effect in Alberta, close to the pebble dropping, but the ripples may go further out.”

    That means that most people will hardly notice a difference, she said.

    Although Thistlethwaite believes there will be a noticeable increase in the cost of insurance, he isn’t picturing a massive hike. “There will be increases in the price of insurance, particularly in the province of Alberta, but I wouldn’t expect those increases to be so significant that you’re limiting the affordability of coverage.”

    Smaller insurance companies may also decide to stop covering wildfire damage, or set a cap on the amount they will pay, he said.

    Steve Kee, director for media and communications with the Insurance Bureau of Canada said he can’t speculate on insurance rates and it’s too early to tell what the fire’s effect will be.

    “Insurers set their rates based on the projected costs. One isolated event won’t affect rates that much, if at all. Insurers look at trends over several years,” he said.

    “Our members are all going to have different experiences and different exposure in these regions. It is too early to speculate on rates as we haven’t even got the numbers in on damages. Some consumers may alter coverage, raise deductibles, etc. to maintain consistency on premiums but really it is too early to tell.”

    This is just how insurance works, said Nielson. “That’s the deal we make when we buy insurance: that if we’re lucky enough not to have our house burn, the money gets used to pay people who did.”

    Loss prevention

    Thistlethwaite hopes that following the fire in Fort McMurray, governments pay more attention to what can be done to prevent massive losses, rather than just relying on insurance to cover them.

    It might be better to encourage people to build in less-risky areas, like further from the tree line, he said, or funding municipalities to put in safeguards.

    “The more money that we put into reducing our vulnerability to extreme weather and natural disasters, the cheaper our insurance will be. It’s that simple.”

    With files from the Canadian Press

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New Trudeau airport jetty embraces distinct Montreal look

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MONTREAL – Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport unveiled its new international jetty Thursday.

At a cost of $350 million, the goal was to create an area that would be “distinctively Montreal.”

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  • Dorval ‘overpass to nowhere’ could finally link Trudeau airport, highways

  • Residents concerned about noise levels near Trudeau Airport want to be heard

  • Residents want Trudeau airport to turn down the volume

    “We want people to come here and sense, when you’re in this airport that you’re still in Montreal,” said James Cherry, CEO of Aéroports de Montréal.

    “I used to find that when I travel in an airport I’d say ‘I see the same stores everywhere, I could be in Winnipeg or Denver or St. Louis or Minneapolis’ and I couldn’t tell from inside the airport.”

    “We want people to come into our airport and say ‘this is definitely Montreal.’”

    In addition to a signature Montreal food truck, there are new shops and boutiques, as well as 1,000 chairs equipped with charging stations.

    Outside, there is room for new wide-body aircraft, including the Airbus a-380, the largest airliner in the world.

    READ MORE: Residents concerned about noise levels near Trudeau Airport want to be heard

    Cherry said the improvements provide more space for passengers.

    Trudeau airport’s new international jetty opens to passengers on Thursday.

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‘Big crying people, scary people’: Autistic man sends unusual tip that saves baby from drowning

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It was a surprise for the whole family. Aaron Cahal who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two, played a part in saving the life of a child.

The 23-year-old, who has a hard time communicating verbally, uses his iPhone to connect with people through text and social media.

Cahal used his phone to message local police in South Point, Ohio, to ask for help over the weekend.


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“I am very proud of him for what he done that day and having a part in saving that little baby’s life,” Cahal’s mom, Lorena Cahal, told CBS.

In the message posted to Facebook, Cahal wrote: “Poice we neee poice I heard big crying poeple scary poeple.” He also sent a picture of the location of the home.

At that same moment someone at the police department was scanning the Facebook page.

It all started when Cahal was in his backyard and heard screams coming from nearby. He knew something wasn’t right.

He followed the screams and what he found was an 18-month-old child who had fallen in a swimming pool.

“Aaron with his way of knowing people, I think that might be what helped him know something was wrong,” Cahal’s grandmother, Sue Cahal said.

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While Cahal was getting help, another person in the neighbourhood jumped in to perform CPR.

Cahal’s family says they are overjoyed with the way he handled the situation.

“Never underestimate no matter the ability or disability of a person because you have no idea what they have to say or how they feel or what they have to contribute to society,” Lorena said.

The child saved from the pool is now in hospital getting treatment. Police could not confirm the child’s condition or how the child ended up in the pool.

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RCMP identify human remains found south of Cochrane, release photos of clothing

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Alberta RCMP responded to reports of a deceased male at a remote location near the intersection of Highway 22 and Highway 8 Thursday afternoon near Cochrane, Alta.

In a release Saturday, RCMP confirmed they found a body in that area and it appeared the man “had been there for some time” based partially on the winter clothing he was wearing.

RCMP released photos of the clothing Wednesday “in hopes of identifying anyone that may remember seeing him, giving him a ride, or communicating with him during the winter of 2016.”

Clothing worn by Edmund Lim, whose remains were found near Cochrane May 5, 2016.


“At the time of his discovery, Edmund Lim was wearing mismatched gloves and was using commercial brand hand warmers which may have been purchased by him or provided to him,” RCMP said in a release.

Clothing worn by Edmund Lim, whose remains were found near Cochrane May 5, 2016.


After an autopsy Friday, the RCMP Major Crimes Unit was called in to help determine the cause and manner of death.

The man has been identified as 19-year-old Sehyun Edmund Lim of Calgary, also known as Edmund Lim.

RCMP are looking for help to determine Lim’s whereabouts since Jan. 21, 2016. He was last seen in the Calgary area.

If you have any information you are being asked to contact the Cochrane RCMP at 403-851-8000, email the investigative team at [email protected]老域名出售 or go through Crime Stoppers.

With files from Erika Tucker

Note: This story was originally published May 7, but was updated with photos of Lim’s clothing from RCMP May 11.


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Why Canadians use less cash – but more $100 bills

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Canadians aren’t using cash for small transactions like they used to – but demand for $100 bills has never been higher.

Though most of us rarely handle one, Bank of Canada statistics show that there are 11.5 $100 bills in circulation for every Canadian, up from six in 2003.

So where are they all? And what are they being used for?

“We assume that it’s a question of illegal transactions, or the underground economy, but we don’t have the data to prove those assumptions,” says Hendrix Vachon, a senior economist at Desjardins Group.



  • Kamsack, Sask. RCMP warn of fake $100 bills

  • Regina police warn of counterfeit $50, $100 bills

  • Counterfeit $100 bills detected in the Lower Mainland

    Decisions by the Bank of Canada about how many notes to print in what denominations are based on requests from the banks, which in turn reflect demand from bank customers.

    Desjardins says the rise in demand for $100 bills is a mixture of the shadow economy — otherwise legal transactions like paying a tradesperson or employee in cash — illegal transactions and hoarding of cash.

    “We can assume that in the construction industry is one place where there is more cash, compared to other industries.”

    “A plausible explanation would be the combination of low interest rates (which reduces the opportunity cost of holding cash) and higher demand for precautionary holdings on the part of the public, given the recent oil shock and heightened uncertainty regarding returns from financial market investments,” Bank of Canada spokesperson Josianne Ménard wrote in an e-mail.

    A 2012 attempt by Statistics Canada to measure the underground economy reached the conclusion that it was about 2.5 per cent of GDP. That proportion has been steady since the early 1990s, but has grown in real terms.

    In the StatsCan study, construction was believed to be the biggest sector of Canada’s underground economy, which will not surprise anyone who has discussed a cash discount for home improvement with a contractor.

    Other Western countries have seen similar trends. In the United States, the value of $100 bills in circulation has roughly quintupled since the mid-1990s.

    In February, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers came out in favour of phasing out the country’s $100 bill.

    “I’d guess the idea of removing existing notes is a step too far. But a moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place,” he wrote in the Washington Post.

    The Bank of England has seen growth in banknotes mostly in the £20 (C$37) and £50 (C$92) notes. A 2015 study estimated that as many as half of the British banknotes in circulation were either outside the country or used in the shadow economy.

    (The amount of cash in the British economy spiked noticeably when the Value Added Tax, a sales tax similar to the GST, was raised to 20 per cent in 2010.)

    Should governments stop printing higher-denomination notes? Several countries have debated it.

    “(High-denomination) notes are the preferred payment mechanism of those pursuing illicit activities, given the anonymity and lack of transaction record they offer, and the relative ease with which they can be transported and moved,” wrote the authors of a paper published earlier this year by Harvard. “By eliminating high denomination, high value notes we would make life harder for those pursuing tax evasion, financial crime, terrorist finance and corruption.”

    The Harvard paper’s main author, British banker Peter Sands, also came out for phasing out the British £50 note:

    “Ask people in the United Kingdom when they last used a £50 note, the highest sterling denomination, and the most common answer is to pay a builder or plumber.”

    The Bank of Canada stopped printing $1,000 bills in 2000 at the RCMP’s urging because they were only used for crime. But just under 800,000 of those bills are still out there, the Bank of Canada told Global News. They are thought to be circulating internally in the criminal economy.

    Earlier in May, the European Central Bank announced that it will phase out the 500-euro note, worth C$734. Much like the old Canadian $1,000 bill, it has a reputation for connections with crime, although privacy-minded Germans, who prefer cash transactions, resisted the change.

    Canada redesigned the $100 bill as recently as 2011, but Vachon thinks it may be time to get rid of it.

    “It may be time to talk about removing it, if we can prove that normal people don’t use it as a way of payment.”

    Different versions of different bank notes issued over the last couple of decades can make it difficult to tell what’s real and what may be fake. Mark McAllister reports.

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Safe sexting? Durex wants a condom emoji to promote safe sex

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This might sound obvious, but Durex believes condoms are the key to promoting safe sex – emoji condoms, that is.

In an “open text message” to the Unicode Consortium – the non-profit organization in charge of setting the standards for emojis – the condom company said it believes giving smartphone users the option to send emoji condoms could help encourage conversations about safe sex.

“It’s clear to see we need one – it’s not rocket science. Emojis have changed how we talk about the birds and the bees,” reads a plain-English translation of the company’s message. The original version was written mostly in emojis.


Durex claims the condom – arguably the biggest symbol for promoting safe sex – will encourage smartphone users to talk about safe sex with their partners, adding that the discussion of safe sex is vital to preventing sexually transmitted diseases and infections, including HIV and AIDS.

There is no doubt that emojis have become a new part of communication since their rise to popularity in 2011.

Oxford Dictionaries caused an uproar in November when it picked an emoji – the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji to be exact – as its 2015 “word” of the year, prompting linguistic experts from all over the world to weigh in on whether emojis had become their own language.

READ MORE: Don’t worry, experts say, emoji being crowned ‘Word of the Year’ isn’t the end of language

“Digital communication is the sign of our times. And emoji functions extremely well in that medium, often in language-like ways. And for this reason, it is surely not a stretch to consider an emoji to be, if not a word in the conventional sense, at the very least, having language-like properties,” wrote Vyvyan Evans, professor of linguistics at Bangor University in a blog post for Oxford Dictionaries.

Social media strategist Brent Stirling with Ryerson University’s business incubator DMZ added, “As more and more communication and interaction between people turns digital, emojis fill the gap that text cannot. This allows people to communicate their tone, body language and facial expressions that would normally accompany an in-person conversation.”

READ MORE: Emojis the modern day answer to cave paintings, one tweet and text at a time

Or perhaps, as Durex hopes, allow people to bring up uncomfortable topics like contraception.

And while a condom emoji may inspire a bit of giggling from some users, let’s not forget that campaigns like this have worked in the past.

The taco emoji was a product of an online petition started by Taco Bell that garnered over 32,000 signatures by the time the new symbol was released.

Emojis featuring a variety of skin tones on Apple’s iOS platform were also created in response to calls for more racial diversity in the beloved emojis.

However, whether the condom emoji could actually help promote safe sex and cut down on the transmission of STDs is unclear.

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Drunk toddler taken to hospital, passed out dad arrested

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A Georgia man is behind bars after being found drunk and unconscious along with his intoxicated three-year-old son.

Gainsville, Ga., police arrested 20-year-old Marcus Daniel Allen on Saturday after a family member came home and discovered him passed out in bed.

READ MORE: Friend posts online plea to help mother allegedly smoking meth by baby



  • Mom with kids in car charged with drunk-driving at nearly four times legal limit

  • Iowa man charged after allegedly driving drunk to taxi cab job interview

  • Ontario woman charged after driving drunk, evading officers and dancing on street: police

    Beside Allen was an adult sippy cup filled with an alcoholic beverage and his son, who was acting abnormally and smelling of alcohol.

    “It was a juice-form mixed drink,” Gainesville Police Deputy Chief Jay Parrish told 11Alive News. “It had a straw in it, and made it easy and accessible.”

    Police say the child was drinking from the cup, and tests showed the toddler’s blood alcohol content was nearly two times the legal driving limit for an adult.

    “The child was very lethargic and slurred speech,” said Parrish. “Had the child ingested more alcohol, it could have been fatal.”

    Authorities transferred the father and son to hospital for tests.

    Police say when they approached a conscious Allen, he attempted to flee into the hospital parking lot.

    READ MORE: Mother arrested after video of her doing drugs in front of crying toddler goes viral

    Police arrested the man and charged him with child cruelty, reckless conduct, and obstruction.

    Allen, who is also below the legal state drinking age, was charged with underage consumption of alcohol.

    Police say the boy is recovering and has been returned to his mother’s custody by Georgia Family Child Services.

    “I think it just goes to show that to parent and raise a child, we have to be highly vigilant at all times, and have to put the children first and our behaviour second, for their well-being,” Parrish said.

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Ronan Farrow, Woody Allen’s son, speaks out about sex abuse allegations against director

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Ronan Farrow, the 28-year-old son of famed director Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, says it’s “dangerous” to keep silent when there are potential victims of sexual abuse.

Farrow made the comment in a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, entitled “My Father, Woody Allen, and the Danger of Questions Unasked.”


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Allen has a storied — and unproven in court — history of sex abuse and attraction to young women (even his own daughter, Dylan Farrow, has said that Allen molested her when she was a child), which is glossed over by Hollywood and seemingly made irrelevant. A-list stars still clamour to be in Allen’s movies, and many are awarded with Oscars; for example, Cate Blanchett just won the 2014 Best Actress Oscar for her performance in his film Blue Jasmine, and the director just opened the Cannes Film Festival with his 49th film, Cafe Society, which stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg.

Farrow doesn’t say his father is guilty but he writes in his column that simply ignoring Allen’s alleged indiscretions helps no one.

“It sends a message about who we are as a society, what we’ll overlook, who we’ll ignore, who matters and who doesn’t,” he wrote.

Farrow also recounts the skill of Allen’s PR team, and how well they shield the renowned director from any scrutiny, even after Dylan’s harrowing account was published.

“Being in the media as my sister’s story made headlines, and Woody Allen’s PR engine revved into action, gave me a window into just how potent the pressure can be to take the easy way out,” he writes. “Every day, colleagues at news organizations forwarded me the emails blasted out by Allen’s powerful publicist, who had years earlier orchestrated a robust publicity campaign to validate my father’s sexual relationship with another one of my siblings.”

He also writes about “talking points” being sent in PR emails, along with suggestions for experts who could essentially make Dylan’s story seem like a lie or an embellishment of the truth.

Article continues below!

Ronan Farrow | PrettyFamous

“The open CC list on those emails revealed reporters at every major outlet with whom that publicist shared relationships — and mutual benefit, given her firm’s starry client list, from Will Smith to Meryl Streep. Reporters on the receiving end of this kind of PR blitz have to wonder if deviating from the talking points might jeopardize their access to all the other A-list clients.”

Ultimately, he asserts, any coverage of Allen and sexual misconduct turns into an argument about his art vs. who he is as a person. The reasoning is whatever Allen might do in his private life is irrelevant to what he creates, and since the movies he makes are so great, it somehow justifies any bad behaviour.

Farrow doesn’t think he should be let off the hook, either. He chastizes himself for not doing more in the wake of his sister’s narrative.

“I had worked hard to distance myself from my painfully public family history and wanted my work to stand on its own,” he wrote. “I begged my sister not to go public again and to avoid speaking to reporters about it. I’m ashamed of that, too. With sexual assault, anything’s easier than facing it in full, saying all of it, facing all of the consequences. Even now, I hesitated before agreeing to The Hollywood Reporter‘s invitation to write this piece, knowing it could trigger another round of character assassination against my sister, my mother or me.”

READ MORE: Woody Allen calls his streaming series a “catastrophic mistake”

Above all, Farrow supports his sister, and encourages publications not to shy away from potentially controversial coverage, even if it means losing “access” in the industry.

“[The Hollywood Reporter Woody Allen cover story, published on May 4, 2016] is a sterling example of how not to talk about sexual assault. Dylan’s allegations are never raised in the interview and receive only a parenthetical mention.”

“I believe my sister,” he continued. “This was always true as a brother who trusted her, and, even at five years old, was troubled by our father’s strange behaviour around her: climbing into her bed in the middle of the night, forcing her to suck his thumb — behaviour that had prompted him to enter into therapy focused on his inappropriate conduct with children prior to the allegations.”

At the Cannes opening night ceremony on Wednesday, an awkward rape joke was made at Allen’s expense.

“It’s very nice that you’ve been shooting so many movies in Europe, even if you are not being convicted for rape in the U.S.,” said Laurent Lafitte, the emcee.

Some in the audience tittered nervously while others gasped. The joke makes reference to Allen’s fellow director, Roman Polanski, who has evaded rape charges in the U.S. by moving to Europe.

You can read Farrow’s full article here.

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Woody Allen Timeline | PrettyFamous

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‘Bizarre’ star may not be so mysterious after all

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A “bizarre” star that had astronomers talking about alien civilizations might not be as strange as first thought.

KIC 8462852, commonly referred to as “Tabby’s star” after the astronomer Tabetha Boyajian who studied the star’s odd behaviour, puzzled astronomers when it was first called to their attention.



  • NASA finds 1,284 worlds orbiting stars outside our solar system

  • Hubble discovers moon around dwarf planet Makemake

  • Earth Day: 5 mind-blowing things you didn’t know about our planet

    READ MORE: This mysterious finding has scientists talking about aliens

    Using data from the Kepler Space Telescope, citizen scientists analyzed the light curve of this star. Light curves are used to determine whether or not a planet orbits around a star. As a planet passes in front of a star — such as Mercury did on Monday — the light from the star dips ever so minutely.

    But what observers analyzing the data noticed from this somewhat average star was that it dipped by a lot. Instead of dipping somewhere near one per cent, it was closer to 20 per cent. As well, if a planet is orbiting a star, the dips would occur at regular intervals. However, this was not the case. Many catalogued it as “bizarre” and “strange.”

    Some theories included a swarm of comets orbiting around the star, causing the large and irregular dips.

    However, another theory was that it was a large alien structure similar to something called a Dyson sphere.

    In the 1960s, Freeman Dyson theorized that alien civilizations will one day have need for a massive energy source. One of the most effective ways of obtaining such energy could result in the construction of a massive structure around a star — think of it as giant solar panels — that would gather all the star’s energy output. This came to be known as the Dyson sphere or Dyson swarm. If one of these giant structures was observed from afar, the observer would see large dips in a star’s brightness.

    A example of a Dyson ring, similar to a Dyson sphere, which could collect energy from a star.

    Wikimedia Commons/Vedexent

    Then, in January, a paper made the star even stranger: an astronomer found that between 1890 to 1989, the star dipped by 20 per cent. The star is an F-type, main sequence star. It is about one to one-and-a-half times the mass of our own sun and slightly hotter. A change of 20 per cent should take place over millions of years, not 100.

    READ MORE: Mysterious ‘alien’ star gets even stranger

    But new data suggests that the star didn’t dip at all during that time.

    Astronomers using the Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard analyzed more than 500,000 photographic glass plates by astronomers from 1885 to 1993. The new analysis found that in the 1960s other stars experienced similar drops in brightness. This, they concluded, suggests that the drop in Tabby’s star, among others, was a result of a change in instrumentation.

    Still, even if there wasn’t an actual 20 per cent dip in Tabby’s star, considering the fact that it experiences irregular and often large dips in brightness over short intervals certainly makes this star one that needs further study. Though there’s still hope out there that it is an alien civilization, the SETI Institute, an organization searching for intelligent alien life, hasn’t found any indications of signals emanating from that region.

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Get your jazz on at the annual Lethbridge Jazz Festival

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Sixty musicians and groups will perform at a variety of venues across the city for the annual Lethbridge Jazz Festival from June 15 to 18. The festival offers music catering to all tastes, including swing, funk, jazz standards, blues, salsa, Dixieland, and gospel.


“Months of planning are almost over and we are really excited about what the festival has to offer this year,” Lethbridge Jazz Society president Josh Davies said. “Over the past five years, the festival has grown significantly, with a great mix of performances by internationally and nationally known artists as well as local emerging artists.”

The combination of local performers and special guests opens the festival on June 15 at 7:30 p.m. with the Gospel Jazz Concert. The event features the Sweet Inspiration Gospel Choir comprised of community singers performing under the direction of guest conductor and soloist, Dee Daniels. Daniels is an international jazz, blues, gospel and symphony pop singer, with an astounding four-octave vocal range.

On June 16 at 7:30 p.m., the Starlight Lounge will appear at the Lethbridge Lodge. Patterned after an old-fashioned radio show, the performance features a hard-swinging big band jazz orchestra made up of musicians from Lethbridge, Calgary and Medicine Hat.  The production is directed by Fran Rude.

Friday’s mainstage performance features the internationally renowned trumpet player Jens Lindemann, along with jazz pianist Tommy Banks, performing their Legacy Live program. The live recording of Legacy Live was nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year at the 2016 Juno Awards.

Well-known Calgary jazz crooner Tim Tamashiro will take to the stage on Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.

“With the Friday and Saturday mainstage performances being held in the wonderfully intimate setting of the Sterndale Bennett Theatre, seats are limited, so people are encouraged to get their tickets early,” Davies said.

Late night performances starting at 9:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights are planned. Back by popular demand, Queen of the Swamp Blues singer Kat Danser, an Edmonton-based guitar slinger, songsmith, and blazing vocalist, returns to the Owl Acoustic Lounge on Friday, June 17.

On Saturday, June 18, Sue Foley and her band perform at The Slice. Sue Foley, one of the finest blues and roots artists performing today, holds the record for the most Maple Blues Awards with 17 to her credit.  She has also has earned three Trophees de Blues de France.

For complete festival details and tickets got to lethbridgejazz老域名购买. Tickets are also available at the music Court in the Park Place Mall.

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Surviving the Slump: attracting employers with your resume and LinkedIn profile

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Two job-seekers followed by Global News since February continue to search for work in Alberta’s oil slump, but say they are connecting with more employers thanks to improvements to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Mike Lakusta, an engineer in training, is applying for three project management positions with Calgary-based energy companies.

He had just started his career with an oil and gas startup when he got laid off.


Lakusta started his job hunt in October. He said he has re-written his resume several times to better match the positions he was applying for.

“Some of the things that I’ve been improving are providing quantitative examples of (my) work,” Lakusta said.

Resume tips

Experts say tidy, mistake-free resumes reflect your attention to detail.

Richard Bucher, an executive coach with Right Management, advises using formatting to guide the reader’s eyes to what you’ve researched to know is most important.

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In addition, he advises against listing your job duties, and said instead you can describe the scope of your roles. For example, the size of budgets you were responsible for, people you reported to or with, and disciplines that you interacted with.

“Then below that, a list of accomplishments that [you] achieved in each of those roles,” Bucher said.

“Resumes have to be accomplishment rich, not responsibility rich.”

LinkedIn profile tips

Jo Moss has over 10 years’ experience in internal communications, mainly with oil and gas companies, and has been searching for work since January.

She is waiting to see if she’ll get an offer on a communications position she interviewed for.

Global News also paired up both Lakusta and Moss with Right Management to help them get the most out of their LinkedIn profiles.

Bucher said for the past two years, 80 per cent of Right Management clients have sourced their new hires through LinkedIn.

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“It’s a talent database, and recruiters, employers are doing keyword searches to find talent,” Bucher said. “If you have the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile, you’re likely to get hit.”

Butcher advises hunting for keywords connected to the job you want on profiles of other people with that position at the same company.

A final tip from Butcher: don’t lie about your experience because interested employers will cross-check.

“Every position that I’ve applied for, the employer or the HR person has looked at my LinkedIn profile, so it’s extremely important,” Moss agreed.

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‘You’re a superhero!’: Fort McMurray firefighter reunited with his family

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EDMONTON – A young girl ran towards a little blue car that had just pulled into her grandparents’ driveway.

“Daddy!” her little voice squealed.

A visibly tired – though still smiling – man, wearing his last clean shirt, jumped out of the passenger seat, embraced his three children and kissed his wife.

“You’re a superhero! Like Spiderman!” his four-year-old daughter said. 

Their hero is finally home.

Nick Waddington is a captain with the Fort McMurray Fire Department. After a week of battling the flames that terrorized his community, alongside 160 of his Fort McMurray Fire Department brothers and sisters, he’s a lot of people’s hero now.



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    On Tuesday, May 3, he was at home with his family when they were told they had to leave. His family rushed to his 10-year-old daughter’s school, and headed downtown to the fire hall.

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    Waddington kissed his wife and kids goodbye, and set to work saving Fort McMurray.

    “From the beginning – Day 1 – it looked really bad,” Waddington said.

    WATCH: Fort McMurray man watches via doorbell camera as firefighters try to save his home

    “The fire was everywhere. The way we left… I wish we could have taken him with us,” his wife Kerri Waddington said.

    “But I know he had a job to do and he needed to stay there and help save the city.”

    Admittedly, Waddington said the first day was hard and overwhelming. It was about a day before reinforcements arrived from fire departments across the province to help.

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    Waddington is the president of IAFF Local 2494, the union representing the firefighters of Fort McMurray. He sat hand-in-hand with his wife, tears in his eyes, not when talking about what was lost, but what his members saved, their tireless efforts, missing his daughter’s 10th birthday and the support that was given to his wife and kids while he was working.

    “We had so many people working in intense conditions. We had no serious injures, no deaths,” Waddington said about the work that was done. “It’s an incredible monumental task. We worked very hard and did whatever we could to get the job done.”

    WATCH: ‘I want us to recognize the true heroes’: Fire chief shares stories of heroism from Fort McMurray

    But don’t call him a hero.

    “There’s so many heroes at so many different levels. It’s overwhelming but no, I don’t think any of us really think we’re heroes,” he said, instead commenting on the amazing coordination of efforts from other firefighters across the province, support staff, water truck drivers, fuel truck drivers, the list goes on.

    “We had an organization dedicated to making sure the needs of the firefighters were met so we were able to do our job.”

    The families of those who put their lives on the line say otherwise.

    “We are so incredibly proud. They are our heroes. They always were,” Kerri Waddington said.

    Nick is now looking towards the future, and eventually moving his family back home.

    “I can say the sentiment of the Fort McMurray Fire Department is one of hope,” he said. “We’re looking at the unburned part of Fort McMurray. We’re excited to rebuild the city. We’re excited to get people back home.”

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